HBO’s The Rehearsal starts with Grandiose CBT

  1. When Nathan tells Kor that he has made a replica of his apartment, and rehearsed their meet with an actor
  2. When Nathan checks out Kor’s trivia teammate’s blog, Cheap Chick in the City, and his deduction is: “Cheap Chick in the City seemed to be a bare-bones website dedicated to low-cost activities in New York. I was hoping it would be a window into Tricia’s psyche, but it seemed like the majority of posts were just apologies for not having anything to post that day.”
  3. When Kor gets to act out his worst case scenario
  4. When Kor experiences the real-life scenario he was deeply afraid of — and it is wonderful
  5. When Nathan decides to congratulate Kor’s win.



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Evelyn Shaller-Auslander

Evelyn Shaller-Auslander

Fan of good PR, bad poetry, the AGO, travelling the globe and that old time rock & roll.